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Various Artists - Unknown Planets [PLANET005]

The very first Planet Terror compilation features a plethora of unknown cosmic bodies, an array of distant, orbiting delights. Returning to the fray are Titus Twelve and Culprate, two of PT favourites, along with some talented producers from all over Europe that you've probably never heard of. Unknown Planets - get it?

We're really pleased with the way this one has come out after three months of recruitment and much musical vetting. Press play and visit planets hitherto unbeknownst to you...


1. Lowpass - A New Night (1:28)

2. Titus 12 feat. Arnossi - Mr Morningstar (4:15)

3. Kindread - Kin Vibration (4:06)

4. Mantra - Etude (4:11)

5. Colz - Sunflower (5:15)

6. Dubbwune - Requiem For Tracks Lost In DAW Crashes (4:00)

7. Culprate - Pandora's Box (6:13)

8. Dada & Faust - Babylon Escape (4:05)

9. A. M. Rant - Pagan Dances

10. Sascha Müller - Astronaut (5:02)

11. Interlude
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12. Jack Orion - Poe


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